Films Boutique Line-up : VENTANA SUR 2020


A film by Leonardo Medel

2020 - Chile - Drama - 1.85 - 100 min

with Mariana Di Girolamo (EMA), Patricia Rivadeneira, Ariel Mateluna

As the wife of a famous soccer player, Veronica has a bitter-sweet life: laying by the pool, attending photo-shootings, doing interviews for a book about herself but most importantly taking care of her Instagram account. In order to be the new face of a beauty campaign, she needs more than 2 million followers and LA VERONICA is ready to do whatever it takes to get them...


MON NOV 30th 10:00 CINEPOLIS DIGITAL            
TUE DEC 1st 10:00 CINEPOLIS DIGITAL            
THU DEC 3rd 10:00 CINEPOLIS DIGITAL            
THU DEC 3rd 16:00 CINEPOLIS DIGITAL            

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