BFI London Film Festival 2022
5 – 16 October 2022
by Mani Haghighi
2022 - Iran/France - Drama/Thriller - 2:1 - 107 min
with Taraneh Alidoosti, Navid Mohammadzadeh
In downtown Tehran, Farzaneh, a young driving instructor, spots her husband, Jalal, walking into a woman’s apartment. When she confronts him, Jalal claims he was out of town for work. He decides to check out the building for himself. There, he meets a woman who is the spitting image of Farzaneh. Her name is Bita. Stunned, the two compare family photos: Bita’s husband also looks identical to Jalal.
MON 10 OCT 09:15, Picture House Cinema, Screen 5  Press & Industry
SAT 15 OCT 17:45, Curzon Soho Cinema, Screen 2
SAT 15 OCT 18:00, Curzon Soho Cinema, Screen 3
SUN 16 OCT 18:00, ICA, Screen 1
by Albert Serra
2022 - France/Spain/Germany/Portugal - Drama/Thriller - 2.39 - 162 min
with Benoît Magimel, Sergi López, Pahoa Mahagafanau, Cécile Guilbert, Matahi Pambrun
On the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, the High Commissioner of the Republic and French government official De Roller is a calculating man with flawless manners. His somewhat broad perception of his role brings him to navigate the high end ’establishment’ as well as shady venues where he mingles with the locals. Especially since a persistent rumor has been going around: the sighting of a submarine whose ghostly presence could herald the return of French nuclear testing.
TUE 11 OCT 09:00, Picture House Cinema, Screen 5  Press & Industry
TUE 11 OCT 20:00, ICA, Screen 1
WED 12 OCT 14:35, BFI Southbank, NFT3
by Maryam Touzani
Official Oscar Entry 2023 for Morocco
2022 - Morocco/France/Belgium/Denmark - Drama - 1.85 - 118 min
with Lubna Azabal, Saleh Bakri, Ayoub Messioui
Halim and Mina run a traditional caftan store in one of Morocco’s oldest medinas. In order to keep up with the commands of the demanding customers, they hire Youssef. The talented apprentice shows an utmost dedication in learning the art of embroidery and tailoring from Halim. Slowly Mina realizes how much her husband is moved by the presence of the young man.
SUN 09 OCT 12:00, Picture House Cinema, Screen 2  Press & Industry
FRI 14 OCT 18:00, Curzon Soho Cinema, Screen 1
SAT 15 OCT 15:00, ODEON Luxe West End, Screen 1
by Jake Paltrow
USA/Israel - Historical Drama - 1.66 - 105 min
with Noam Ovadia, Tzahi Grad, Yoav Levi, Tom Hagi
Written by Jake Paltrow and Tom Shoval
In 1962, the world witnesses the execution of Adolf Eichmann in an emotional public trial. And in Israel, three characters are intimately involved in this historical, nation-defining event.
by Lav Diaz
2022 - Philippines/France/Portugal/Denmark - Drama - 1.67 - 187 min
with John Lloyd Cruz, Ronnie Lazaro, Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino, Dms Boongaling
Lieutenant Hermes Papauran, one of the best investigators of the Philippines, is in a deep moral crossroad. As a member of the police forces, he is a first-hand witness of the murderous anti-drug campaign that his institution is implementing with dedication.The atrocities are corroding Hermes physically and spiritually, causing him a severe skin disease resulting from anxiety and guilt. As he tries to heal, a dark past haunts him and has eventually come back for a reckoning.
by Ariel Escalante Meza
Official Oscar Entry 2023 for Costa Rica
2022 - Costa Rica/Qatar - Supernatural Drama - 1.51 - 86 min
with Carlos Ureña, Sylvia Sossa, Esteban Brenes Serrano, Aris Vindas
In the tropical mountains of Costa Rica, widower Domingo owns a piece of land which is coveted to build a new highway. When the contractors send in thugs to intimidate the community, the neighbours leave one by one, but Domingo refuses to give in, especially as the land hides a special and mystical secret...
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