CPH:DOX 2022
23 March - 3 April
attending from March 29 - 30
Julien Razafindranaly (Head of Sales)
by Vincent Kelner
2022 - France - Documentary - 1.78 - 85 min
Every summer, hundreds of pilot whales are hunted in the fjords of the Faroe Islands. It’s locally known as the “Grind”, a spectacular and bloody tradition. International activists would like to put an end to it, so that these mammals will stop suffering. Knife in hand, the Faroese denounce the hypocrisy of those who eat meat without looking at what is happening in slaughterhouses and at the industries polluting our planet.
TUE 29 MAR 16:30 Nordisk Film Dagmar World Premiere
THU 31 MAR 19:00 Det Færøske Hus
SUN 3 APR 16:00 Valby Kino Sal 1
by Daniel Carsenty & Mohammed Abugeth
2021 - Germany - Documentary - 2.39 - 90 min
In the southern West Bank, Hamouda and his cousin Ismail are among the Bedouin drivers who risk their lives smuggling illegal workers over the border. Between them and the destination, there is the desert - of which they know every inch - and the heavy presence of the Israeli military patrols. If they are caught, they go to jail. Yet only those fares can help them provide for their families, so they keep on driving and enjoying each day of freedom as it might just be the last.
SUN 27 MAR 17:15 Empire Bio sal 3
WED 30 MAR 16:45 Empire Bio sal 3
SUN 3 APR 16:00 Nordisk Film Palads sal 10
by Loup Bureau
2021 - France - Documentary - 1.85 - 90 min
In Donbas Ukraine, while precarious truces and ceasefires are negotiated far away by diplomats, Ukrainian soldiers fight against separatists supported by Russia. At an age when some are experiencing the best years of their lives, in the frontline men and women are fighting, condemned to dig and dig up again the trenches, while bombs keep on falling on them. French war journalist and first-time director Loup Bureau takes us on an immersive and stunning cinematic journey revealing the naked truth and roughness of survival, in what is called to be the last conflict on European soil.
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