April 20 – May 1
*We are extremely happy to present you our films screening in New York at New Directors New Films 2022*
by Annika Pinske
2022 - Germany - Drama - 2.39 - 90 min
with Anne Schäfer, Anne-Kathrin Gummich, Judith Hofmann, Marcel Kohler, Max Riemelt, Sandra Hüller
Clara has made it: she has got away from her native provincial East Germany, now living an independent life in Berlin, teaching philosophy while finishing her Ph. D. Between her professional ambitions, an affair with one of her students and her demanding friendship with her thesis advisor Margot, she barely has time for her family. When Clara visits her mother for a weekend with her 15-year-old daughter Emma, she finds herself confronted with her ideal of an unfettered, self-determined life and the price she must pay for it.
SUN 24 APR 2:30 PM, Walter Reade Theater
MON 25 APR 6:00 PM, MoMA Titus 2
by Abdullah Mohammad Saad (LIVE FROM DHAKA)
2021 - Bangladesh/Singapore/Qatar - Drama - 2.39 - 107 min
with Azmeri Haqui Badhon
Rehana, an assistant professor at a medical college, strains to combine her complex roles as a teacher, doctor, sister, daughter, and mother. Keeping the balance between the demands of work and family life has become a daily struggle. One evening, she witnesses a crying student storming out of a professor’s office. Deeply touched by this event and the actions leading up to it, Rehana’s life starts to spiral out of control. She gradually descends into obsession, seeking retribution, just as she receives a complaint from the school about her 6-year-old daughter’s unusual behavior... Rehana refuses to accept the madness of the patriarchal society she lives in. She will put everything at stake to fight for justice - for her student, her daughter, but also for herself.
FRI 29 APR 6:15 PM, Walter Reade Theater
SUN 1 MAY 5:45 PM, MoMA Titus 2
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