Locarno 2023
Official Selection


A Film by Romain de Saint-Blanquat

2023 - France - Thriller/Giallo - 1.85 - 90 min.

with Léonie Dahan-Lamort , Lilith Grasmug , Cyril Metzger , Maxime Rohart & Fred Blin

Language: French
Produced by Marc-Benoît Créancier

1967, Mardi Gras. Françoise is a seventeen-year-old boarder in an all-girls Catholic high school. Convinced that she has only one night left before her death, she sneaks out with her friend Delphine to attend a costume party and live the night as if it was her last.

Locarno 2023
Official Selection

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Next To Her

A film by Asaf Korman

2014 - Israel - Drama - DCP - 2.35 - 90 min.

Chelli is raising her mentally disabled sister Gabby all by herself. When the social worker discovers she leaves her sister alone in the house while at work, Chelli is forced to place her in a day-care center and the void left by her sister's absence makes room for a man in her life. That man, Zohar, tears another crack in the symbiotic relationship of the two sisters.

June Zero

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In 1962, the world witnesses the execution of Adolf Eichmann in an emotional public trial. And in Israel, 3 characters are intimately involved in this historical, nation-defining event.

Breaking The Ice

A film by Clara Stern

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Mira, in her early 20s, escapes from the pressure of running her family’s vineyard by playing ice hockey. When new player Theresa joins the team, she challenges Mira’s rigid worldview, leading to life-changing nights on the streets of Vienna.