Toronto International
Film Festival 2012


A Film by Jason Buxton

2012 - Canada - Drama - DCP - 1.85 - 103 min.

with Connor Jessup , Alexia Fast , Mike Buie & Alex Ozerov

Language: English
Produced by Marc Almon , David Miller & Jason Buxton

A rebellious teenager, falsely accused of planning a school massacre, must survive a harrowing conflict
with a prison gang leader while he attempts to prove his innocence to the community and those close to

Toronto International
Film Festival 2012

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A Lullaby To The Sorrowful Mystery

A film by Lav Diaz

2016 - Philippines - Drama - 1:1.33 - 480 min.

During the Philippine Revolution of 1896 against Spain, the ballad of Jocelynang Baliwag becomes the hymn of the insurgents. While searching for the body of Andres Bonifacio, Father of the Revolution, we embark on an epic journey through history, literature and mythology.

Dancing Dreams

A film by Anne Linsel

2009 - Germany - Documentary - 1.85 DCP - 89 min.

The dance performance „Kontakthof“ bears the unmistakable signature of Pina Bausch: it deals with forms of human contact, the encounters between the sexes, and the search for love and tenderness with all the attendant anxieties, yearnings and doubts. It is about feelings, which pose a big challenge, particularly for young people. For almost a year teenagers from over eleven schools in Wuppertal went on an emotional journey. Every Saturday, 40 students, aged between 14 to 18 years, rehearsed under the direction of the Bausch-dancers Jo-Ann Endicott and Bénédicte Billiet and under the intense supervision of Pina Bausch herself. The film „Dancing Dreams“ by Anne Linsel and Rainer Hoffmann accompanies the rehearsal process culminating in the opening night. We watch the teenagers making their first, still clumsy attempts to transform the subjects of the dance performance into motion and choreography and to develop an own, individual body expression. They discover themselves in a process, which leads great personal growth. Gentle and shy but also aggressive contacts condensate to individual experiences that many of the teenagers encounter for the first time on stage. Pina Bausch has always encouraged the young dancers „to be themselves.“ It is behind their own movements, fears, feelings and desires that their personal „Dancing Dreams“ become visible. At the end each of them has not only grown up, but above all has become more self-confident, independent and more sceptical facing prejudices. Employing an unusual adjacency, the film introduces the young protagonists in sensitive ways, it culminates in drawing a portrait of an entire generation. Pina Bausch died on June 30th, 2009. „Dancing Dreams – teenagers perform „Kontakthof“ by Pina Bausch“ shows the last motion pictures and the last interview with the world-famous dancer and choreographer.

La Veronica

A film by Leonardo Medel

2020 - Chile - Drama - 1.85 - 100 min.

As the wife of a famous soccer player, Veronica has a bitter-sweet life: laying by the pool, attending photo-shootings, doing interviews for a book about herself but most importantly taking care of her Instagram account. In order to be the new face of a beauty campaign, she needs more than 2 million followers and LA VERONICA is ready to do whatever it takes to get them...