Guilty Men

Venice Days 2016
Toronto IFF

Guilty Men

A Film by Ivan D.Gaona

2016 - Colombia - Thriller/Drama - 1.85 - 115 min.

with Willington Gordillo , Heriberto Palacio , René Díaz , Alfonso López , Leidy Herrera & Cristian Hernández

Language: Spanish
Produced by Diana Peréz Mejia

2005. While the demobilization process of an illegal armed group is taking place in rural Colombia, a town
leader plays a risky game with the local paramilitaries with a cache of cash at stake.
When Willington’s only love, Mariana, is about to get married with his cousin Rene, they get caught in a
situation that rapidly slips out of control.

Venice Days 2016
Toronto IFF

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