Rotterdam 2023
Big Screen Competition


A Film by Jessica Woodworth

2023 - Belgium/Italy/Netherlands/Bulgaria/Armenia - Sci-Fi - 1.85:1 - 94 min.

with Jonas Smulders , Geraldine Chaplin , Samvel Tadevossian , Jan Bijvoet , Sam Louwyck , Django Schrevens & Hal Yamanouchi

Language: English
Produced by Peter Brosens , Maarten D'Hollander , Tim Martens , Diana Elbaum , Flaminio Zadra , Pilar Saavedra Perrotta , Denis Vaslin , Fleur Knopperts , Stefan Kitanov , Mira Staleva & Anzhela Frangyan

Luka, a young and ambitious soldier, embeds himself in the legendary Fort Kairos where heroic warriors defend the remains of civilization. His hopes to serve as an elite sniper are crushed when he is assigned to maintenance and must submit to the code of Kairos: obedience-endurance-sacrifice. As he rises through the ranks, Luka finds joy and strength in friendships with Konstantin, an enigmatic radar engineer, and Geronimo, a light-hearted private.

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Rotterdam 2023
Big Screen Competition

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