Talking about the weather

Berlinale 2022

Talking about the weather

A Film by Annika Pinske

2022 - Germany - Drama - 2.39:1 - 90 min.

with Anne Schäfer , Anne-Kathrin Gummich , Judith Hofmann , Marcel Kohler & Max Riemelt

Language: German
Produced by Luise Hauschild and Mariam Shatberashvili

Clara made it: she has got away from her native provincial East Germany, now living a bohemian life in Berlin, teaching philosophy while finishing her Ph. D. Between an affair with one of her students and her testy friendship with her thesis advisor Margot, she barely has time to see her 15-year-old daughter, who mostly lives with her ex. But when Clara visits her mother for a weekend, she finds herself confronted with her ideal of an unfettered, self-determined life. How high is the price she must pay for it?

Berlinale 2022

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Special Treatment

A film by Jeanne Labrune

2010 - France - Comedy/Drama - 1.85 DCP - 95 min.

Alice, a luxury-prostitute in her forties got tired of her job and seeks a therapist to change her life. Xavier, a well-established psychologist, gets more and more annoyed by his clients' monologues. When his wife leaves him, he meets Alice.

Medal Of Honor

A film by Calin Peter Netzer

2009 - Germany/Romania - Drama - 2.35 DCP - 105 min.

One day Ion, a 75-year-old Romanian man, accidentally receives a Medal of Honor for some “heroic” actions back in the WW2, times he barely remembers. The medal forces Ion to reconsider his whole life. Maybe he wasn’t all the time a loser. Maybe his life has a meaning. Maybe he means something to his family.

The Klezmer Project

A film by Leandro Koch & Paloma Schachmann

2023 - Austria/Argentina - Docu-Fiction/Musical Roadmovie - 1.85 - 115 min.

Argentinian cameraman Leandro makes a living from filming Jewish weddings. At one of his jobs, he falls in love with Paloma, the clarinetist of the Klezmer band. To seduce her he pretends to be shooting a documentary film about traditional Yiddish folk music. What Leandro does not know is that his “fake” film project will take him on an unscripted journey throughout Eastern Europe in search of the last remaining Klezmer melodies.