Talking about the weather

Berlinale 2022

Talking about the weather

A Film by Annika Pinske

2022 - Germany - Drama - 2.39:1 - 90 min.

with Anne Schäfer , Anne-Kathrin Gummich , Judith Hofmann , Marcel Kohler & Max Riemelt

Language: German
Produced by Luise Hauschild and Mariam Shatberashvili

Clara made it: she has got away from her native provincial East Germany, now living a bohemian life in Berlin, teaching philosophy while finishing her Ph. D. Between an affair with one of her students and her testy friendship with her thesis advisor Margot, she barely has time to see her 15-year-old daughter, who mostly lives with her ex. But when Clara visits her mother for a weekend, she finds herself confronted with her ideal of an unfettered, self-determined life. How high is the price she must pay for it?

Berlinale 2022

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FOREST - I See You Everywhere

A film by Bence Fliegauf

2021 - Hungary - Drama - 1.85

Seven hypnotic and unpredictable short stories culminate in a psychological kaleidoscope of couples, families and friends, all connected by their common fate. A standalone-sequel to Bence Fliegauf's 2003 festival-hit FOREST.

The Long Night Of Francisco Sanctis

A film by Andrea Testa & Francisco Marquez

2016 - Argentina - Drama - 2.35 - 80 min.

Buenos Aires, 1977. Francisco Sanctis, a family man living an eventless life, receives information about an upcoming kidnapping operation by soldiers of the dictatorship. In a race against the night, he will need to make the most important decision of his life: will he try to save innocent lives by risking his own?

One Day

A film by Zsofia Szilagyi

2018 - Hungary - Drama - 2.39 - 99 min.

Anna is 40. She is always in a rush. She has three children, a husband, a job and financial stress. Anna meets deadlines, makes promises, takes care of things, brings stuff home and remembers everything. But she never catches up with her husband. She’d like to talk to him. She feels she is losing him. And she feels she can’t always evade what comes next. A clash between the everyday, the unbearably monotonous and the fragile and unique.