The Ornithologist

Locarno IFF
Official Competition

The Ornithologist

A Film by João Pedro Rodrigues

2016 - France/Brazil/Portugal - Drama - 1:2.387 - 118 min.

with Paul Hamy , Xelo Cagiao , João Pedro Rodrigues , Han Wen , Chan Suan & Juliane Elting

Language: Portugese
Produced by Vincent Wang , Alex García , Maria Fernanda Scardino , João Figueiras , Diogo Varela Silva , Antoine Barraud & Gustavo Ángel

As he treks through the north of Portugal in search of rare birds, Fernando is swept away by the river rapids. Rescued by a couple of Chinese pilgrims, he tries to find his way back home through the eerie, dark forests, where uncanny encounters put him to the test. He soon becomes a different man, inspired, perhaps even enlightened…

Locarno IFF
Official Competition

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