Breaking The Ice

A film by Clara Stern

2022 - Austria - Drama/Sport

Mira, in her early 20s, escapes from the pressure of running her family’s vineyard by playing ice hockey. When new player Theresa joins the team, she challenges Mira’s rigid worldview, leading to life-changing nights on the streets of Vienna.


A film by Marcel Gisler

2018 - Switzerland - Drama

There’s a ripple of disquiet in the locker-room when Leon, a new striker, joins the football team. Sharing a flat with keen rival Mario sets the scene for an unexpected love affair, but the path of gay love in this macho world is not an easy one. Mario is unwilling or unable to acknowledge the implications of what is happening. But pretend girlfriends don’t fool everyone. And gossip, along with the threat of blackmail, unbalances the team’s morale. With the prospect of a professional career a strong possibility, will Mario forsake the hope of emotional satisfaction for professional gain?

King Curling

A film by Ole Endresen

2011 - Norway - Comedy

Once a great curling-star, Truls Paulsen is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and banned from competing. When he learns that his coach Gordon is on his deathbed, Truls decides to compete again. His goal is to win the championship cash prize to pay for Gordon’s needed operation. He leaves his wife, starts gathering his old team mates and stops taking his medications. Will Truls lead his team to victory and save his old friend?