Baldvin Z

Baldvin Zophoníasson, or Baldvin Z, is an Icelandic film and television director, writer, and producer. He has been one of the most prominent directors in Iceland for the past years. He is best known for his films JITTERS (2010), LIFE IN A FISHBOWL(2014), LET ME FALL (2018), and the television series RETTUR (2015) and TRAPPED (2016).

Life In A Fishbowl

A film by Baldvin Z

2014 - Iceland - Drama

Reykjavik. After a tragedy, Writer Móri drinks himself into oblivion on a twenty-year binge. Eik, a young single mom moonlights as a prostitute to make ends meet. Young father and good husband, Sölvi, is recruited into the snake pit of the Icelandic international banking. Soon fate will make them meet.