Esther Rots

After her first two poetic short films were selected consecutively for the Palme d’Or competition in Cannes, Esther Rots' first feature film CAN GO THROUGH SKIN (2009) premiered in Forum, Berlinale, and won many awards amongst which the Fipresci, the Ingmar Bergman Award and 3 Golden Calves, the Dutch Academy Awards.

Can Go Through Skin

A film by Esther Rots

2009 - Netherlands - Drama

The life of Marieke is transformed by an act of violence. She decides to escape from her hometown and buys a remote and derelict cottage in the Zeeland countryside. By making a new start, she hopes to be able to shake off the violent experience, but the cold and loneliness only add to her feelings of fear and vengeance. With the arrival of summer and a new love, Marieke seems to be regaining strength. But slowly, she loses this grip on her life.