Filippos Tsitos

Filippos Tsitos is a greek director. MY SWEET HOME (2001) is his first feature and the only German coproduction of the Berlinale competition in 2001. He has won the Silver Shell Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival for his film UNFAIR WORLD (2011).

Unfair World

A film by Filippos Tsitos

2011 - Germany/Greece - Drama

Sotiris is a police interrogator in Athens. He has an obsession: he needs to be fair. He judges the suspects after his personal moral and against the law. With the intention to save another innocent soul, he accidentally kills a man. Dora is the only witness to the crime. She is a poor cleaning woman who leads a breathless life. The struggle to survive has made her unfair. The righteous Sotiris and the unrighteous Dora like each other. But love, honesty and justice aren’t easy to combine.