Francesco Munzi

Francesco Munzi is an Italian film director and writer. His first film SAIMIR (2006) won as Best debut film at Nastri d'argento, at the Venice International Film Festival. He is best known for the 2014 film BLACK SOULS, which won several awards at the Venice Film Festival and the Best Film, Best Director and Best Script awards at the 60th David di Donatello Awards. In 2021, his film FUTURA was presented at the Directors' Fortnight selection in Cannes.

Il Resto Della Notte

A film by Francesco Munzi

2008 - Italy - Drama

Different people and lives, opposite social realities, a wealthy family, a Rumanian maid accused of theft, a desperate coke addict and two Rumanian brothers flirting with the wrong side of the law. Their stories intertwine and then collide. Silvana, the wife of a provincial industrialist, convinced that Maria, their young Rumanian maid is responsible for the disappearance of precious objects from their home, with no proof and against her husband’s wishes, decides to fire her. Maria goes back to live with Ionut, her ex-boyfriend, who has just been released from jail and lives with his younger brother in a squalid suburban slum. Ionut has recently started hanging out with Marco Rancalli, a young cocaine addict and has dealings with him in petty crime. Marco also has a difficult past: he is not allowed custody of his eight year-old son. The industrialist’s family and the wealth in his villa become the sole objectives of this gang of desperate losers.