Jaione Camborda

Filmmaker originally from San Sebastian and based in Galicia, she studied at the The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF). It is in Galicia where she creates a renowned body of work as a director and screenwriter. Her first film, Arima (2019) won the Award for Best Director in the section New Waves of Seville European Film Festival and best film in the section Escáner of the festival Márgenes, as well as it was screened in the section Made in Spain in San Sebastian International Film Festival.
Previously, she has worked directing short pieces with film material, like Proba de Axilidade, Nimbos, Lilit o Rapa das Bestas, all of them with her own film production company Esnatu Zinema, founded in Santiago de Compostela. She has also participated as a screenwriter in the films Os fenómenos and Ons, directed by Alfonso Zarauza, and has worked as an art director in several films.
She has also been selected to participate in various creation labs and residences such as Toronto International Film Festival’s Filmmaker Lab, ECAM’s development program La Incubadora – The Screen, SSIFF’s program Ikusmira Berriak, as well as being recently beneficiary of the TIFF Canada Goose Scholarship.

The Rye Horn

A film by Jaione Camborda

2023 - Spain/Belgium/Portugal - Drama

1971, Francoist Spain. In the Galician countryside María assists women in childbirth. After an attempt to help a young woman in trouble, she suddenly has to hide from the authorities, leave everything behind and flee the country.
On her perilous journey to Portugal, María encounters female solidarity and realizes that she is not alone and that, thanks to the help of others, she might finally find her freedom.