Jean-Bernard Marlin

Jean-Bernard Marlin grew up in Marseille and went to Paris for his studies. He directed LA PEAU DURE in 2007, short film awarded in many international festivals (Best Short Film at the San Francisco Film Festival), SOMETHING FIERCE in 2012 and then THE FUGUE in 2013, Short Gold Bear At the Berlinale 2013 and named at Césars 2014. SHEHERAZADE (2018), shot entirely with a team of non-professional actors, is his first feature film and won the César of the Best First Film.


A film by Jean-Bernard Marlin

2018 - France - Drama

Zachary, 17 years old, gets out of jail. Rejected by his mother, he hangs out in the mean streets of Marseille. This is where he meets Shéhérazade.