Oleg Novković

Oleg Novković is one of the most well known filmmakers in Belgrade, with four feature films and 30 documentaries under his belt. In 2010, white white world was in course for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival. He has also directed TOMORROW MORNING (2007).

White White World

A film by Oleg Novković

2010 - Serbia - Drama

In the town of Bor, a rotten mining center in southeast Serbia, lives King, a lonesome cowboy of about 40, a former miner, now a local bar owner. Once he was involved with Ruzica, the town beauty and wife of his boxing coach Zivina. When Zivina found out about the affair Ruzica killed him. After seven years in jail Ruzica comes back to Bor. She goes to see King, only to find out that he is involved with another woman. Her daughter Rosa.