Radu Jude

Radu Jude is a Romanian film director and screenwriter. He directed several award-winning short films, among them LAMPA CU CACIULA (2006) - the most successful Romanian short film ever, winner of Grand prizes at Sundance, San Francisco, Los Angeles, IndieLisboa, Brussels and many more. THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (2009), his feature film debut, won the CICAE Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, the FIRESCI Prize at the Sofia International Film Festival, the Prize for Best Screenplay at the Bucharest International Film Festival and the FIPRESCI Prize at IndieLisboa. The film was selected in the ACID Programme at 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Radu Jude's acclaimed historical drama AFERIM! (2015) premiered at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival where he won the Silver Bear award as Best Director.

Everybody In Our Family

A film by Radu Jude

2012 - Romania - Drama

Marius is a divorced man in his late thirties. His ex-wife, Otilia, remarried an accountant. Their 5 years old daughter, Sofia, lives with her mother, causing Marius a deep frustration. According to the law, Marius can spend with his daughter only a limited amount of time. The day Marius goes to take his daughter in a short holiday to the seaside, he finds out that his ex-wife is not at home and he is told that his daughter is sick. He doesn’t believe it and tries to take Sofia by force. This small incident proves to be the trigger for a violent and emotional rollercoaster, all the people in the family taking part in a story which mixes humour, violence, childish songs, police interventions, love statements, blood and a haiku.

The Happiest Girl In The World

A film by Radu Jude

2009 - Romania - Comedy/Drama

Delia Fratila (18) comes from a poor family living in a small Romanian town. She is the winner of an advertising campaign: she sent three juice-bottles labels and won an expensive car. Delia and her parents, has to come to Bucharest for the promotion testimonial – a video showing Delia to the whole country, as a proof that the refreshments company keeps its promises and grants the awards. After the long way to Bucharest, the family finally arrives to the shooting place - a big square in the middle of the city. She spends the day doing the shooting. What she has to do seems quite easy: she has to sit in the car in front of the wheel, to drink juice and thank the organizing company. The shooting goes on with the ordinary problems: Delia keeps forgetting the text, the soda doesn’t look good enough-for the client, they have to refresh her make-up all the time, the shooting angle needs to be changed, some spotlights break etc.