Samuel Benchetrit

Samuel Benchetrit is a french writer, film director, actor and scenarist. His films I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A GANGSTER (2009) and DOG (2017) have been welcomed in several festivals such as Locarno, Sundance and french festivals. MACADAM STORY (2016) was nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay at the Cesar in 2016.


A film by Samuel Benchetrit

2017 - France - Drama

Jacques Blanchot just lost everything: his wife, his son, his house, his work. Abandoned by all, he gets picked up by a zealous pet shop owner who, unable to see him as a friend, offers to train him as his dog.
Losing foot with reality, rejected by his peers, Jacques Blanchot discovers the challenges and perks of this new life.
Adapted from his own novel, Samuel Benchétrit tells us the fall of an individual with humor and self-mockery.