Berlinale 2017
Official Competition


A Film by Teresa Villaverde

2017 - France/Portugal - Drama - 1.78 - 136 min.

with Joao Pedro Vaz , Alice Albergaria Borges & Beatriz Batarda

Language: Portuguese
Produced by Teresa Villaverde

Struggling against the crisis in Portugal a mother doubles up jobs to pay the bills since her husband is unemployed. Their teenage daughter tries to keep living her everyday life even if the money’s running short and makes everything uneasy. Escaping from their common reality, they slowly become strangers to one another, as the tension grows in silence and in guilt.

Berlinale 2017
Official Competition

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A film by Abdullah Mohammad Saad

2021 - Bangladesh/Singapore/Qatar - Drama - 2.39 - 107 min.

Rehana, an assistant professor at a medical college, strains to combine her complex roles as a teacher, doctor, sister, daughter, and mother. Keeping the balance between the demands of work and family life has become a daily struggle. One evening, she witnesses a crying student storming out of a professor’s office. Deeply touched by this event and the actions leading up to it, Rehana’s life starts to spiral out of control. She gradually descends into obsession, seeking retribution, just as she receives a complaint from the school about her six-year- old daughter’s unusual behavior... Rehana refuses to accept the madness of the patriarchal society she lives in. She will put everything at stake to fight for justice - for her student, her daughter, but also for herself.

Patchwork Family

A film by Pascal Rabaté

2014 - France - Comedy/Drama - 2.35 DCP - 92 min.

Christian is a divorced father who can only see his young daughter Vanessa every other weekend. When he meets the single mother Christine and decides to participate in a summer TV show, his whole life is turned upside down.

The River

A film by Emir Baigazin

2018 - Kazakhstan/Norway/Poland - Drama - 2.39 - 108 min.

A family with five sons lives in a remote Kazakh village. In accordance with the Eastern tradition, the eldest son Aslan (13) becomes the Father's deputy, in charge of all the work, and delegating the tasks. One day Aslan takes his brothers to the River for a swim - a moment of deep happiness. From then on, life is different. And when Kanat, an unknown cousin, unexpectedly arrives at the village, the structured life of the family begins to fall apart for good.