Venice 2018
Giornate degli Autori


A Film by Fellipe Barbosa & Clara Linhart

2018 - Brazil - Drama - 2.39 - 95 min.

with Ítala Nandi , Camila Morgado , Augusto Madeira & Martha Nowill

Language: Portuguese
Produced by Marcello Maia , Clara Linhart , Fellipe Barbosa & Yohann Cornu

January 1st, 2003. As Brazil celebrates President Lula's historic investiture, two middle-class provincial families from Rio Grande do Sul gather in an old, poorly maintained house, around a champagne-fired barbecue, family secrets and frustrations. Domingo could be a day like any other, a sweet and peaceful day. But the changes promised to the Brazilian people by the new president deeply worry Laura, the matriarch, who fears to see his authority and wealth disappear a little more.

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Venice 2018
Giornate degli Autori

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