Essential Truths Of The Lake

Locarno 2023
Official Selection

Essential Truths Of The Lake

A Film by Lav Diaz

2023 - Philippines/France/Portugal/Singapore/Italy/Switzerland/United Kingdom - Drama - 1.67 - 215 min.

with John Lloyd Cruz , Hazel Orencio , Shaina Magdayao , Bart Guingona & Agot Isidro

Produced by Bianca Balbuena , Bradley Liew , Jean-Christophe Simon , Joaquim Sapinho & Marta Alves

When asked what drives a man to search for the truth, Lieutenant Papauran says dejectedly that maybe he just wants to keep inflicting pain on himself. Faced with President Duterte's bloody murders and brazen lies, he continues his struggle to solve a fifteen-year-old case around an ash-laden landscape and an impenetrable lake. It has become a cross he can barely carry but keeps dragging it anyway.

Locarno 2023
Official Selection

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