Explanation for Everything

Venice 2023
Orizzonti Award
Best Film

Explanation for Everything

A Film by Gábor Reisz

2023 - Hungary/Slovakia - Drama - 1.33 - 152 min.

with Gáspár Adonyi-Walsh , István Znamenák , András Rusznák , Rebeka Hatházi , Eliza Sodró , Lilla Kizlinger & Krisztina Urbanovits

Original Title: Magyarázat mindenre

Language: Hungarian
Produced by Júlia Berkes

It's summer in Budapest, high school student Abel is struggling to focus on his final exams, whilst coming to the realisation that he is hopelessly in love with his best friend Janka. The studious Janka has her own unrequited love with married history teacher Jakab - who had a previous confrontation with Abel’s conservative father. The tensions of a polarised society come unexpectedly to the surface when Abel’s history graduation exam turns into a national scandal.

Venice 2023
Orizzonti Award
Best Film

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