Sundance 2022
World Dramatic Competition


A Film by László Csuja & Anna Nemes

2022 - Germany/Hungary - Drama - 2.39

with Eszter Csonka , György Turós & Csaba Krisztik

Language: Hungarian
Produced by András Muhi

Edina, a female bodybuilder is ready to sacrifice everything for the dream she shares with her life partner and trainer Adam: to win the world championship. The expensive steroids and supplements, force Edina to take a side gig as an escort. New ways of desire and the odd love she finds on her way, make her see the difference between her dreams and her true self.

Sundance 2022
World Dramatic Competition
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Different people and lives, opposite social realities, a wealthy family, a Rumanian maid accused of theft, a desperate coke addict and two Rumanian brothers flirting with the wrong side of the law. Their stories intertwine and then collide. Silvana, the wife of a provincial industrialist, convinced that Maria, their young Rumanian maid is responsible for the disappearance of precious objects from their home, with no proof and against her husband’s wishes, decides to fire her. Maria goes back to live with Ionut, her ex-boyfriend, who has just been released from jail and lives with his younger brother in a squalid suburban slum. Ionut has recently started hanging out with Marco Rancalli, a young cocaine addict and has dealings with him in petty crime. Marco also has a difficult past: he is not allowed custody of his eight year-old son. The industrialist’s family and the wealth in his villa become the sole objectives of this gang of desperate losers.

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