Berlinale 2017
Official Competition


A Film by Marcelo Gomes

2017 - Brazil - Drama - 2.39 - 97 min.

with Julio Machado , Isabel Zuaa & Romulo Braga

Language: Portuguese
Produced by Joao Vieira Jr , Pandora da Cunha Teles & Pablo Iraola

Brazil, 18th century. The colony of Portugal endures a decline in gold production. A Portuguese minority rules over a corrupt and autocratic society. Joaquim is an efficient soldier, famous for capturing gold smugglers. While waiting for his promotion to Lieutenant, he leaves for a risky mission in search of new gold mines - the only way to buy the freedom of Blackie, a slave he is in love with.
Based on the true story of Tiradentes, the first leader of the Brazilian revolutionary movement.

In Collection:
Berlinale 2017
Official Competition

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