Last And First Men

Berlinale 2020
Special Screening

Last And First Men

A Film by Johann Johannsson

2020 - Iceland - Dystopian/Sci-Fi - 1.66 - 70 min.

with Tilda Swinton

Language: English
Produced by Thor Sigurjonsson

Two billion years ahead of us, a future race of humans finds itself on the verge of extinction. Almost all that is left in the world are lone and surreal monuments, beaming their message into the wilderness.

In Collection:
Berlinale 2020
Special Screening

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recycle weapons and keep tight control on the caravans smuggling opium . When they are not waging their own mini-wars in the daily madness of life in Afghanistan, the children are fleeing away in their personal fantasies and dreams, while the American soldiers are planning their retreat...

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