Personal Affairs

Cannes 2016 - Un Certain Regard

Personal Affairs

A Film by Maha Haj

2016 - Israel - Comedy/Drama - 1.85 - 90 min.

with Sanaa Shawahdeh , Mahmoud Shawahdeh , Doraid Liddawi , Hanan Hillo , Ziad Bakri , Amer Hlehel & Maisa Abd Elhadi

Language: Arabic
Produced by Baher Agbariya

In Nazareth, an old couple lives wearily to the rhythm of the daily routine. On the other side of the border, in Ramallah, their son Tarek wishes to remain an eternal bachelor, their daughter is about to give birth while her husband lands a movie role and the grandmother loses her head ... Between check-points and dreams, frivolity and politics, some want to leave, others want to stay but all have personal affairs to resolve.

Cannes 2016 - Un Certain Regard

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La Veronica

A film by Leonardo Medel

2020 - Chile - Drama - 1.85 - 100 min.

As the wife of a famous soccer player, Veronica has a bitter-sweet life: laying by the pool, attending photo-shootings, doing interviews for a book about herself but most importantly taking care of her Instagram account. In order to be the new face of a beauty campaign, she needs more than 2 million followers and LA VERONICA is ready to do whatever it takes to get them...

Agua Fría De Mar

A film by Paz Fábrega

2010 - France/Costa Rica/Mexico/Netherlands/Spain - Drama - 2.35 DCP - 83 min.

On New Year's holidays, Mariana (21) and Rodrigo (30) drive to the Pacific coast. There, late at night and in the middle of nowhere, they find Karina (7) who ran away from home. The couple decides to stay the night and deal with the situation in the morning. But by dawn, the girl’s gone.


A film by Marcelo Gomes

2017 - Brazil - Drama - 2.39 - 97 min.

Brazil, 18th century. The colony of Portugal endures a decline in gold production. A Portuguese minority rules over a corrupt and autocratic society. Joaquim is an efficient soldier, famous for capturing gold smugglers. While waiting for his promotion to Lieutenant, he leaves for a risky mission in search of new gold mines - the only way to buy the freedom of Blackie, a slave he is in love with.
Based on the true story of Tiradentes, the first leader of the Brazilian revolutionary movement.