The Seed Of The Sacred Fig

Cannes 2024

The Seed Of The Sacred Fig

A Film by Mohammad Rasoulof

2024 - Iran/Germany/France - Drama - 168 min.

Iman, an investigating judge in the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, grapples with mistrust and paranoia as nationwide political protests intensify and his gun mysteriously disappears. Suspecting the involvement of his wife Najmeh and his daughters Rezvan and Sana, he imposes drastic measures at home, causing tensions to rise. Step by step, social norms and the rules of family life are being suspended.

Cannes 2024

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Roaring 20's

A film by Elisabeth Vogler

2021 - France - Drama - 1.85 - 90 min.

On one beautiful afternoon in Paris during the surreal summer of 2020, 24 different characters roam the streets of the city with a sense of giddy abandon after a spring of lockdown and confinement. Creatively and meticulously choreographed by director Elisabeth Vogler, and shot in one continuous take through many neighbourhoods, a "Slacker" for our new decade; a series of local vignettes that help bring to full life a dynamic city and its young people who can find joy even in crisis. Filming began one day after the lockdown ended, allowing the audience to accompany everyday people as they cross paths throughout the day, experiencing their long-awaited freedom and celebrating the City of Love.

Breaking The Ice

A film by Clara Stern

2022 - Austria - Drama/Sport - 2.39 - 101 min.

Mira, in her early 20s, escapes from the pressure of running her family’s vineyard by playing ice hockey. When new player Theresa joins the team, she challenges Mira’s rigid worldview, leading to life-changing nights on the streets of Vienna.


A film by Miransha Naik

2017 - France/India/Netherlands/United Kingdom - Drama - 2.39 - 93 min.

Santosh, a 16 year old boy, is determined to continue with school despite regular beatings from Juze, the ‘Slum Landlord’. As events build to breaking point, Santosh’s passive resistance evolves into the realisation that he must confront Juze and finally achieve freedom from fear.