Annika Pinske

Annika Pinske is a German filmmaker. Her short films, notably HOMEWORK (2016) have screened and won prizes around the world. TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER (2022) is her graduation feature film and has been nominated in Seattle, Berlin and Brussels International Film Festival.

Talking about the weather

A film by Annika Pinske

2022 - Germany - Drama

Clara made it: she has got away from her native provincial East Germany, now living a bohemian life in Berlin, teaching philosophy while finishing her Ph. D. Between an affair with one of her students and her testy friendship with her thesis advisor Margot, she barely has time to see her 15-year-old daughter, who mostly lives with her ex. But when Clara visits her mother for a weekend, she finds herself confronted with her ideal of an unfettered, self-determined life. How high is the price she must pay for it?