Gábor Reisz

Gábor Reisz, Hungarian filmmaker, graduated from ELTE Film History and Theory in 2006, and film directing at University of Theatre and Film Arts in 2013. His debut feature, For Some Inexplicable Reason (2014) an unconventional coming of age story, premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF, became a cult film in Hungary and was a big success at the box office and on the int’l festival circuit as well. In 2015, he was invited to the Cannes Film Festival’s Residence program, where he developed his second feature Bad Poems (2018). The film went on to win 16 awards, including best Hungarian film of 2018 and made a recognizable admission in local cinemas.  Explanation for Everything is his 3rd feature film.

Explanation for Everything

A film by Gábor Reisz

2023 - Hungary/Slovakia - Drama

It's summer in Budapest, high school student Abel is struggling to focus on his final exams, whilst coming to the realisation that he is hopelessly in love with his best friend Janka. The studious Janka has her own unrequited love with married history teacher Jakab - who had a previous confrontation with Abel’s conservative father. The tensions of a polarised society come unexpectedly to the surface when Abel’s history graduation exam turns into a national scandal.