Joana Hadjithomas

She works with her husband Khalil Joreige, both Lebanese filmmakers and artists. They have directed numerous films that have been shown and awarded in the most important international film festivals before having theatrical releases in many countries. Their films include MEMORY BOX (2021); ISMYRNA (2016); THE LEBANESE ROCKET SOCIETY : The Strange Tale of The Lebanese Space Race (2012), KHIAM 2000-2007 (2008); JE VEUX VOIR (I Want To See) (2008), starring Catherine Deneuve and Rabih Mroué, which premiered in the official selection of Cannes Film Festival in 2008.

Je Veux Voir

A film by Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige

2008 - France/Lebanon - Drama

July 2006. A war breaks out in Lebanon. A new war, but not just one more war. A war that crushes the hopes of peace and the momentum of our generation. We no longer know what to write, what stories to recount, what images to show. We ask ourselves: “What can cinema do?” That question, we decide to translate it into reality. We go to Beirut with an “icon”, an actress who, to us, symbolizes cinema, Catherine Deneuve. She will meet our preferred actor, Rabih Mroué. Together, they will drive through the regions devastated by the conflict. Through their presence, their meeting, we hope to find the beauty which our eyes no longer perceive. It is the beginning of an unpredictable, unexpected adventure…