Je Veux Voir

Cannes 2008
Un certain regard

Je Veux Voir

A Film by Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige

2008 - France/Lebanon - Drama - 2.35 DCP - 75 min.

with Catherine Deneuve & Rabih Mroué

Languages: English , French , Arabic
Produced by Edouard Mauriat , Anne-Cécile Berthomeau , Farès Ladjimi , Georges Schoucair & Tony Arnoux

July 2006. A war breaks out in Lebanon. A new war, but not just one more war. A war that crushes the hopes of peace and the momentum of our generation. We no longer know what to write, what stories to recount, what images to show. We ask ourselves: “What can cinema do?” That question, we decide to translate it into reality. We go to Beirut with an “icon”, an actress who, to us, symbolizes cinema, Catherine Deneuve. She will meet our preferred actor, Rabih Mroué. Together, they will drive through the regions devastated by the conflict. Through their presence, their meeting, we hope to find the beauty which our eyes no longer perceive. It is the beginning of an unpredictable, unexpected adventure…

Cannes 2008
Un certain regard

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Delia Fratila (18) comes from a poor family living in a small Romanian town. She is the winner of an advertising campaign: she sent three juice-bottles labels and won an expensive car. Delia and her parents, has to come to Bucharest for the promotion testimonial – a video showing Delia to the whole country, as a proof that the refreshments company keeps its promises and grants the awards. After the long way to Bucharest, the family finally arrives to the shooting place - a big square in the middle of the city. She spends the day doing the shooting. What she has to do seems quite easy: she has to sit in the car in front of the wheel, to drink juice and thank the organizing company. The shooting goes on with the ordinary problems: Delia keeps forgetting the text, the soda doesn’t look good enough-for the client, they have to refresh her make-up all the time, the shooting angle needs to be changed, some spotlights break etc.

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