Julia von Heinz

She is a German film director and screenwriter. Her debut feature film NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, a coming of age-drama, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2007 and was shown at numerous international festivals. With the directors Tom Tykwer, Chris Kraus, Robert Thalheim and Axel Ranisch, she made the documentary film PINK CHILDREN (2012) about their common mentor Rosa von Praunheim.

And tomorrow the entire world

A film by Julia von Heinz

2020 - Germany - Drama

When Luisa leaves her wealthy parents to study law, her best friend introduces her to a rag-tag collective of Antifa activists drawn together by their will to fight for the cause and a disdain of conventions. In their mission to halt the continued rise of neo-Nazis across Germany, the group quickly comes to a crossroad: Does combatting hate justify violence? As Luisa struggles to understand whether her actions are motivated by personal allegiances or political convictions, she and the group must decide what to do when the ideological fight against fascism becomes concrete.