Markus Imhoof

His feature film THE BOAT IS FULL (1981) won a Silver Bear at the Berlinale and was nominated for an Oscar. MORE THAN HONEY (2012) won several awards and was the most successful Swiss documentary of all time. ELDORADO (2018) was honored with the Zurich Film Award and the Bavarian Film Award. His films were screened at the festivals of Berlin, Venice, Cannes, Locarno, among others. In 2020, Markus Imhoof received the Honorary Award of the Swiss Film Academy and the Swiss Federal Office of Culture for his complete works. Besides his film work, he also directed for the opera and theaters in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.


A film by Markus Imhoof

2018 - Germany/Switzerland - Documentary

In the lean years of WW II, the family of Swiss director Markus Imhoof took in Giovanna, an Italian refugee part of a limited-term program for children. When her stay ended, Giovanna was forced to return to Italy, where she died of illness soon after. With this early experience as a point of entry to the ongoing refugee crisis, Imhoof takes us on a journey with extraordinary access through the Italian warships of Operation Mare Nostrum, refugee camps handled by the Italian Mafia, asylum hearings with local authorities, all designed to turn back refugees at all levels. What emerges is a stark picture of a human tragedy and the biggest mass displacement of people since World War II.

More Than Honey

A film by Markus Imhoof

2012 - Germany/Austria/Switzerland - Documentary

Einstein once said: "If bees ever die out, mankind will have only four years left to live."
In the past five years, billions of honeybees simply vanished for reasons still obscure. If the bees keep dying, it will have drastic effects for humans as well: more than one third of our food production depends on pollination by honeybees and their life and death are linked to ours.

A 2M euro budget documentary by Oscar nominated director Markus Imhoof and by the creators of LET'S MAKE MONEY & WE FEED THE WORLD.