Pascal Rabaté

Pascal Rabaté is a French comics artist, comic book creator, writer and director. He starts a career in movies with WANDERING STREAMS (2010), adapting his own comic book with the same title.

The Voiceless

A film by Pascal Rabaté

2020 - France - Burlesque

A small clan lives in the underworld of a rubbish dump. They recycle the waste they find or steal, in order to cobble their home together. Life there could be so sweet, were it not for a chief inspector hot on their heels.

Patchwork Family

A film by Pascal Rabaté

2014 - France - Comedy/Drama

Christian is a divorced father who can only see his young daughter Vanessa every other weekend. When he meets the single mother Christine and decides to participate in a summer TV show, his whole life is turned upside down.

Holidays By The Sea

A film by Pascal Rabaté

2011 - France - Comedy

One spring weekend on the Atlantic coast, two pensioners on their way to their second home — a maisonette no bigger than a postage stamp — cross paths with a couple of punks whose vacation residence is a house drawn in the sand. At the hotel, the lives of both couples are turned upside down by a lost kite. It is a weekend marked by the meeting of destinies, social classes, generations, and feelings of grief and of joy. A real weekend by the sea.