Zhang Lu

Zhang Lu was born in Yanbian, China in 1962.
In 2004 he directed his first feature, Tang Poetry, which was selected for Locarno. He then began his career as a film director in both Chinese and Korean, making more than ten feature films. His next film, Grain in Ear (2005) won the Prix ACIDCCAS at Cannes Critics’ Week. His feature films Dooman River, Desert Dream and Fukuoka premiered at Berlinale.

The Shadowless Tower

A film by Zhang Lu

2023 - China - Drama

Gu Wentong, a middle-aged food critic, is drifting through the local eateries of vibrant Beijing with his younger photographer colleague Oyang. A divorcé with a 6-year-old daughter and estranged from his father for decades, he is looking for a new perspective on life while reconsidering his failings as a father, a son, and a lover. While the seasons come and go, people get together and move apart. Only one thing will remain the same: The White Pagoda where they all meet sooner or later...