Boris Without Beatrice

Berlinale 2016

Boris Without Beatrice

A Film by Denis Côté

2016 - Canada - Comedy/Drama - 1.85 DCP - 93 min.

Language: French
Produced by Sylvain Corbeil

Boris Malinovsky has achieved all of his life goals: he’s strong willed, independent, proud, and arrogant. After his wife Beatrice falls into a mysterious depression, Boris indulges in a love affair with his colleague Helga. When a mystical stranger appears Boris must confront his world view and put his achievements and his certainties to the test.

Berlinale 2016

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Roaring 20's

A film by Elisabeth Vogler

2021 - France - Drama - 1.85 - 90 min.

On one beautiful afternoon in Paris during the surreal summer of 2020, 24 different characters roam the streets of the city with a sense of giddy abandon after a spring of lockdown and confinement. Creatively and meticulously choreographed by director Elisabeth Vogler, and shot in one continuous take through many neighbourhoods, a "Slacker" for our new decade; a series of local vignettes that help bring to full life a dynamic city and its young people who can find joy even in crisis. Filming began one day after the lockdown ended, allowing the audience to accompany everyday people as they cross paths throughout the day, experiencing their long-awaited freedom and celebrating the City of Love.


A film by Angela Schanelec

2009 - France/Germany - Drama - 2.35 DCP - 84 min.

End of winter. Two hours at the Paris Orly Airport. A young woman (Natacha Régnier), on the way home to her husband falls for a stranger (Bruno Todeschini). A mother (Mireille Perrier) and her nearly grown son (Emile Berling) are traveling to the funeral of her exhusband, the boy’s father. A young couple (Jirka Zett, Lina Falkner) on their first big trip abroad lose touch with each other. A woman (Maren Eggert) finally dares to read her husband’s (Josse De Pauw) break-up letter in the soothing anonymity of public space. All wait for their planes. Completely absorbed in following their immediate fates, they move through the impeccably structured and functional building, unaware of a looming threat outside that will result in the airport’s imminent evacuation.

God's Offices

A film by Claire Simon

2008 - France/Belgium - Comedy/Drama - 2.35 DCP - 122 min.

Djamila would like to be on the pill because her relationship with her boyfriend has become serious stuff now; Zoé’s mother gives her condoms but calls her a whore; Nejma hides her pills outside because her mother searches her bag; Hélène finds herself too fertile; Clémence is scared; Adeline wishes she could have kept it, and so does Margot. Maria Angela would like to know who she’s pregnant by, while Ana Maria has opted for love and freedom. Anne, Denise, Marta, Yasmine, and Milena are the advisers receiving and listening to each of these women as they wonder how sexual freedom can be enjoyed. In God’s offices, you laugh and cry and feel swamped. You dance there, you have a cigarette on the veranda, and you come anonymously to tell the commonplace or unbelievable story of your life.