Flesh Out

Berlinale 2019

Flesh Out

A Film by Michela Occhipinti

2019 - Italy - Drama - 1.85 - 94 min.

with Verida Beitta Ahmed Deiche , Amal Saab Bouh Oumar & Aichetou Abdallahi Najim

Language: Hassaniya
Produced by Marta Donzelli & Gregorio Paonessa

Verida is a modern girl. She works in a beauty salon, is addicted to social media and hangs out with her friends. Still, she is engaged to a man chosen by her family. Like many girls her age, she is under pressure to gain a substantial amount of weight in a tradition called gavage, in order to reach the voluptuous body considered in Mauritania a sign of great beauty, charm, wealth and social status. The wedding is fast approaching and meal after meal Verida is starting to challenge everything she always thought was normal: her loved ones, her way of life, and not least, her own body.

Berlinale 2019

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