Guilty Of Romance

Cannes 2011
Director's Fortnight

Guilty Of Romance

A Film by Sion Sono

2011 - Japan - Drama - 2.35 DCP - 149 min.

with Megumi Kagurazaka , Miki Mizuno , Makoto Togashi , Kanji Tsuda , Ryo Iwamatsu & Ryuju Kobayashi

Language: Japanese
Produced by Yoshinori Chiba & Nobuhiro Iizuka

Izumi is married to a famous romantic novelist but their life seems just a simple repetition without romance. One day she decides to follow her desires and accepts to be a naked model that fakes sex in front of the camera. Soon she meets a mentor and starts selling her body to strangers but at home, she is still the wife she is supposed to be. A brutally murdered body is found in the love hotels district. The police tries to understand what happened.

Cannes 2011
Director's Fortnight

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