Toronto 2015
Official Selection


A Film by Danielle Arbid

2015 - France - Drama - 1.85 DCP - 119 min.

with Paul Hamy , Manal Issa , Vincent Lacoste , Damien Chapelle & Dominique Blanc

Language: French
Produced by Philippe Martin & David Thion

The 90’s. Lina, 18, arrives to Paris for her studies. She is looking for what she can’t find in her home country Lebanon: a taste of freedom. Lead by her natural instinct for self-preservation, she experiences different sides of the Parisian jungle and becomes conscious of her own place. Because when you are 18, your dream is to embrace the world - not just one boy...

Toronto 2015
Official Selection

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A Bluebird In My Heart

A film by Jeremie Guez

2018 - France/Belgium - Drama - 85 min.

Attempting to lead a quiet reformed life, an ex-con finds refuge in a motel run by a single mother and her daughter Clara. The peace and freedom he has found in this safe haven disappears when Clara is assaulted, forcing him to face his old demons.

Two Step

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2014 - USA - Thriller - DCP - 1.78 - 93 min.

Austin, Texas. After the death of his grandmother, college student Jame finds consolation in the company of Dot, a Country Music dancer. While settling Grams' affairs, James discovers she has been the victim of the "grandparent scam" in which someone posing as James has been stealing her thousands of dollars. But before James can go looking for the culprit, he shows up at the front door, desperate for money.

The Heritage Of Pina Bausch

A film by Anne Linsel

2019 - Germany - Documentary - 1.85 - 52 min.

In June 2009 Pina Bausch died surprisingly. She left behind an international acclaimed dance company which needed to reinvent itself. But how can Pina’s work be passed on and how can her heritage be kept alive? 10 years after her death the company, the new director and important companions of Pina Bausch take the chance to look ahead.