Toronto 2015
Official Selection


A Film by Danielle Arbid

2015 - France - Drama - 1.85 DCP - 119 min.

with Paul Hamy , Manal Issa , Vincent Lacoste , Damien Chapelle & Dominique Blanc

Language: French
Produced by Philippe Martin & David Thion

The 90’s. Lina, 18, arrives to Paris for her studies. She is looking for what she can’t find in her home country Lebanon: a taste of freedom. Lead by her natural instinct for self-preservation, she experiences different sides of the Parisian jungle and becomes conscious of her own place. Because when you are 18, your dream is to embrace the world - not just one boy...

Toronto 2015
Official Selection

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Vic + Flo Saw A Bear

A film by Denis Côté

2013 - Canada - Drama - DCP - 1.85 - 95 min.

Victoria, an ex-convict in her sixties, wants to start new life in a remote sugar shack. Under the supervision of Guillaume, a young, sympathetic parole officer, she tries to get her life back on track along with Florence, her former cellmate with whom she shared years of
intimacy in prison. Stalked by ghosts of the past, their new life together is unexpectedly jeopardized.


A film by Clint Bentley

2021 - USA - Drama - 2.39 - 95 min.

Seasoned horse jockey Jackson (Clifton Collins Jr.) has weathered decades of races on the riding circuit, but he now finds himself facing what could be his last season as his health deteriorates. With the help of Ruth (Molly Parker) and a promising new horse, Jackson starts to prepare for the upcoming championship. His plans take a left turn when a budding young jockey (Moisés Arias) shows up and claims to be his son. Caught between yearning for a connection and uncertainty about his own future, Jackson confronts difficult questions regarding his legacy.

Devil's Freedom

A film by Everardo González

2017 - Mexico - Documentary - 1.85 - 74 min.

Mexico, 2016. In some of the world's most dangerous cities life is not worth much. Looking into the eyes of the protagonists of violence, victims as well as executioners, helps to understand how fear inserted itself in the subconscious of our society. Through a network of concrete stories, we are facing the most obscure traits of the human psyche, the frail balance between humanity and evil.