Unifrance 2024
EFM 2024
Market Premiere


A Film by Ronan Tronchot

2024 - France - Drama - 93 min.

with Grégory Gadebois , Géraldine Nakache & Lyes Salem

In a small French town, Simon is an inspiring Catholic priest wholeheartedly dedicated to his parish. During a service, he encounters Louise, whom he had known years before he became a priest. She introduces him to her 11-year-old son, Aloé, revealing that he is his biological father.
This revelation shatters Simon's daily life, prompting him to question all the certainties that have guided his existence. Can he still be a devout priest for the churchgoers, and can he effectively fulfill the role of a father to his son?
Amidst an institution in crisis, Simon decides to engage in a battle to convince the Church representatives that his vow is compatible with the profound love of being a father.

Unifrance 2024
EFM 2024
Market Premiere

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