Official Competition


A Film by Mani Haghighi

2018 - Iran - Drama/Comedy - 2.39 - 107 min.

with Hasan Majuni , Leila Hatami , Leili Rashidi & Parinaz Izadyar

Language: Farsi
Produced by Mani Haghighi

Hasan is full of rage. He's been blacklisted and hasn't been allowed to make a film in years. His star, a woman he adores, is impatient and wants to work with other directors. His wife seems to have fallen out of love with him, and his mother has become old and is slowly losing her mind. Worst of all, film directors across the city are being murdered one after the other, but the serial killer is inexplicably ignoring him. Hasan's feelings are hurt: isn't he the most accomplished filmmaker in town? So why is he being neglected? All these frustrations come to a head when, through a series of bizarre misunderstandings, he becomes the prime suspect in the serial murder case. Social media are abuzz, Hasan has to come up with an ingenious plan to restore his reputation...

Official Competition

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A film by Lionel Baier

2013 - France/Portugal/Switzerland - Comedy/Drama - DCP - 2.35 - 85 min.

April 1974. A group of Swiss radio journalists is reluctantly sent to Portugal to report on the impact of Swiss aid to the country. During their investigations they slowly start to realize that a full-scale revolution is under way.


A film by Halina Reijn

2019 - Netherlands - Drama/Thriller - 2.35 - 98 min.

Nicoline, an experienced psychologist, starts a new job at a penal institution. She meets Idris, a sex offender who committed a series of grave crimes. After five years of treatment, he is about to go on his first unaccompanied probation. His team of practitioners are enthusiastic about his development but newcomer Nicoline does not trust him and tries to push his probation. Idris tries his hardest to convince Nicoline of his good intentions, but slowly but surely, he transforms into the manipulative man she saw in him from the beginning. A power play emerges between the two and Nicoline, in spite of her knowledge and experience, lets herself be trapped completely.

Short Skin

A film by Duccio Chiarini

2014 - Italy - Comedy/Drama - 1.85 DCP - 86 min.

It’s summer and everybody seems to talk only about sex. Edoardo is insecure and awkward with girls: he never told anybody even his best friend Arturo that since birth his foreskin is too narrow preventing him from having sex. But when you are 17, love is in the air: Edoardo will have to find his way.