The Violin Teacher

Locarno 2015
Piazza Grande

The Violin Teacher

A Film by Sérgio Machado

2015 - Brazil - Drama - DCP - 2.35 - 100 min.

with Lázaro Ramos , Kaique Jesus & Elzio Vieira

Language: Portuguese
Produced by Caio Gullane , Fabiano Gullane , Débora Ivanov & Gabriel Lacerda

After failing to be admitted into the renowned São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra, Laerte, a talented violinist, is forced to give music classes to teenagers in a public school in Heliopolis, the biggest favela of Brazil. His path is full of difficulties but the transforming power of music and the friendship arising between the professor and his students open the doors into a new world.
Based on a true story.

Locarno 2015
Piazza Grande

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