When the Waves are gone

Venice 2022
Out of Competition

When the Waves are gone

A Film by Lav Diaz

2022 - Philippines/France/Denmark/Portugal - Drama - 1.67 - 187 min.

with John Lloyd Cruz , Ronnie Lazaro , Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino & Dms Boongaling

Language: Tagalog
Produced by Jean-Christophe Simon , Bianca Balbuena , Bradley Liew , Joaquim Sapinho & Marta Alves

Lieutenant Hermes Papauran, one of the best investigators of the Philippines, is in a deep moral crossroad. As a member of the police forces, he is a first-hand witness of the murderous anti-drug campaign that his institution is implementing with dedication. The atrocities are corroding Hermes physically and spiritually, causing him a severe skin disease resulting from anxiety and guilt. As he tries to heal, a dark past haunts him and has eventually come back for a reckoning.

In Collection:
Venice 2022
Out of Competition

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