Alice T

Locarno 2018
International Competition

Alice T

A Film by Radu Muntean

2018 - France/Romania/Sweden - Drama - 2.39 - 105 min.

with Andra Guți , Mihaela Sîrbu , Cristine Hămbăşanu , Ela Ionescu & Bogdan Dumitrache

Language: Romanian
Produced by Dragoș Vîlcu & Oana Iancu

Alice, a buoyant and impertinent red-hair teenager is far from the charming little girl her mother adopted as she was unable to have a child of her own.
Being an endless source of problems and affected by the specter of her mother’s disappointments, Alice acts with her back against the wall, forging lies and blurring lines between the fiction she designs for herself and the reality of her existence.
Until her mother discovers she is pregnant.

Locarno 2018
International Competition

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