The Buriti Flower

Cannes 2023
Un Certain Regard

The Buriti Flower

A Film by Joao Salaviza & Renée Nader Messora

2023 - Brazil/Portugal - Drama - 1.66 - 124 min.

with Francisco Hyjnõ , Luzia Cruwakwyj & Debora Sodré

Languages: Krahô , Portugese
Produced by Joao Salaviza

Through her child’s eyes, Patpro will go through three periods of the history of her indigenous people, in the heart of the Brazilian forest. Tirelessly persecuted, but guided by their ancestral rites, their love of nature and their fight to preserve their freedom, the Krahô never stop inventing new forms of resistance.

Cannes 2023
Un Certain Regard

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